Lawnmower Shopper – In-Depth, Independent Reviews Helping You Choose The Right Product To Suit Your Lawn Mowing Needs



Lawnmower Shopper was set-up to give honest, straightforward reviews of the latest lawnmowers available on the market. Not being very tech-savvy, but having spent more years than I’d care to admit to mowing lawns of all shapes and sizes, this site is very simple to navigate and contains just the facts, figures and my opinions, with no bells and whistles to distract from the main purpose: finding you the right lawnmower, at the best price.


There are no bad reviews at Lawnmower Shopper, because I don’t feel comfortable running down someones product, so what you will find is just the machines I think deserve merit and inclusion. In short, every product on this site is a good one, so all you have to do is find which one is most suitable for you and which supplier is offering the most cost-effective, reliable and trustworthy service.


No two lawns are the same as they all have their own bumps, grinds and peculiarities. Obstacles such as trees, bushes, pathways, water features, fences and gates vie with slopes, banks, poor drainage and strange angles to, usually, make the life of the poor old gardener as difficult as possible. But by making sure you buy the most suitable lawnmower, you can reduce that level of difficulty so that your regular grass-cutting experience becomes as pleasurable a task as it can be.

I hope Lawnmower Shopper is of great use and that you find the perfect product to suit your requirements – and that you are able to spend many happy, sunny(?) hours using a lawnmower that truly works for you.