Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive With Variable Speed Lawnmower – A True Thoroughbred

For effortless mowing that will leave your medium to large lawn looking perfectly cut and striped, there really is no product on the market to beat the award winning Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with Variable Speed Lawnmower.

Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with Variable Speed – Lives Up To All Expectations

If you had to pick any of Hayter’s machines that represented the pinnacle of their fifty years’ dedication to designing, engineering and manufacturing genuinely high quality machines, then this one must surely be it. Built to last, this technologically advanced lawnmower incorporates a host of contemporary design features aimed at making your grass cutting activity a true pleasure. Easy to start, powerful, quiet and extremely reliable, it will probably make you actually look forward to mowing your lawn every week. Driving it all is the engine, a mighty 190cc 650-series Briggs and Stratton premium power unit that is rated at a full 5hp, which definitely provides enough grunt to handle even the toughest of tasks.

Starting it is as easy as it gets, as not only does it not need priming, but also the combination of a float-feed carburettor and an extra large diameter rewind starter means you need only the lightest of pulls on the cord to fire it up. Low noise emissions are achieved by an advanced performance muffler and the car engine style air filter of pleated paper combines with an aluminium cylinder lining to ensure the engine runs smoothly and efficiently, giving you many years of trouble-free operation. If there’s one thing the Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive does offer in spades, it is its flexibility, which gives it the capability to handle all conditions to maximum effect. This is because of its combination of variable speed control of between 1.5 and 3 mph, a full, easily selected seven-stage 13-60mm cutting height availability, a cutting deck that extends beyond the wheelbase and an ABS deck-liner designed to reduce the blade noise whilst optimising the cut and collection performance, so you are assured of superb results whether your grass is long, short, bone dry or damp. It is also fitted with a cutter-bar friction disc, unique to Hayter, which ensures any potential impact damage that may be caused by the blade inadvertently coming into contact with a solid object, such as paving stones or drain covers, is kept to an absolute minimum. In fact, Hayter are so confident about the success of this feature that they now offer a lifetime guarantee against crankshaft bending.

The power drive is managed through the rear roller which has a split differential for exceptional manoeuvrability and is ribbed for the best possible grip at all times. The front wheels are constructed with long life ball bearings, which allow smooth running and the lift-through fabric grass collection bag takes a whole 70 litres of cuttings, meaning fewer stops for emptying. In addition, with space saving in mind, the front handlebar folds down for easier storage in your garden shed. Furthermore, all this engineering excellence is constructed around a die-cast aluminium chassis, so there is no need to worry about corrosion interrupting the many years of mowing you will get from this superb machine.

At the moment, the best place to get hold of the Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive with Variable Speed Lawnmower is from MowDirect, who are selling it at just £765 including VAT, which is a whole £134 below the RRP of £899. What’s more, they will deliver it FREE the next working day, fully boxed and with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. They are also currently offering a FREE 10ltr steel jerry can with each purchase, worth £24.95 as well as a complimentary bottle of Briggs and Stratton engine oil. All-in-all, that’s a great deal, so if you are interested in buying one or want to know more about it, you can go directly to the appropriate page on the MowDirect website by using this link or by clicking on the image above.

MowDirect are one of the most highly trusted and respected online retailers of quality garden maintenance equipment with an extensive product range that includes lawn tractors, chainsaws, hedgetrimmers and cultivators/tillers. They have also established a long-standing, enviable reputation for excellent customer service and technical back-up facilities.

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