Hayter Lawnmowers – A Cut Above The Rest

Hayter’s claim to be “makers of the finest mowers” is, in my opinion, quite correct. I’m now in my fifties and have been mowing lawns since I can remember. I’ve only recently acquired a Hayter lawnmower and don’t know why I didn’t get one a long time ago.

My brother has a huge lawn and has done the same – bought a Hayter lawnmower and not looked back – apart from when he wants to admire the perfect stripes behind him…

There’s something about a Hayter lawnmower that just feels right. It has a reassuring solidity to it that gives the impression it can tackle the toughest jobs and still be ready for more. Mine has also started first time ever since I got it, so reliability is without question.

The Hayter range has a lawnmower to suit all requirements, from the mighty Harrier to the small but very tough Spirit. It all depends on what type of lawn you have and the finish you want. The Harrier has three blade sizes, the 56cm for large lawns, the 48cm for medium to large lawns and the 41cm for small lawns. Each type in the range offers options for electric starting, rear rollers, variable speed control and all have Autodrive, with the Harrier 41 also offering a push version.

The lighter weight Motif and the smaller Spirit complete Hayter’s impressive range of petrol rotary lawnmowers.

Throughout the Hayter lawnmower range, aluminium body construction means there are no worries about corrosion and the tough ABS underdeck makes for better grass collection and quieter operation. Handlebars fold away for easy transport and storage, there are eight cutting heights and generously large, easy to detach, grass collection bags. The lifetime guarantee against crankshaft bending, due to the cutterblade friction disc, also helps put your mind at rest that there will be no major – and potentially expensive – mishaps. This is over and above the manufacturer’s five year guarantee – subject to regular servicing.

I should also mention that if you are lucky enough to have a massive lawn, Hayter also make two ride-on tractor type lawnmowers. A friend of mine has one and says he would never consider buying another brand if he had to get a replacement. Praise indeed.

Hayter lawnmowers are not by any means the cheapest product on the market, but they are definitely money well spent. I’ve bought cheaper in the past and regretted it – with a Hayter, I know it will be a long, long time before I am looking to buy another new lawnmower. You really do get what you pay for.

I got my Hayter lawnmower from MowDIRECT. I’ve bought many gardening products from them and so far they have always lived up to their claim to deliver – free – by the next working day. Their customer service is excellent too, with free technical advice and a Price Guarantee, which is one reason they’ve grown to be the UK’s leading online supplier of garden machinery since they were established in 1999.

To view Hayter lawnmowers at MowDIRECT, follow either this self-propelled mowers link, or this push mowers link.

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